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Ideally located in the city center of Pakse (Southern Laos), the hotel Sisouk Residence welcomes you all year long in a warm, charming and traditional atmosphere. Overlooking the Sedone River, it offers you a unique view of the mouth of the river flowing into the Mekong.

Near the shopping/restaurant area and close to Wat Luang, the main Buddhist Pagoda of the district, you may experience Pakse lifestyle, making the most of comfort that our staff offers you. This old family house, recently renovated, is full of memories and history, and will surely please your senses and emotions.

Enjoy our Lounge Bar with a scenic view over the two rivers (Sedone and Mekong) and the mountains surrounding Pakse. 

A veritable host table to help you discover delicious Laotian and French dishes depending on the product market and the season. Finest French wines are proposed and some delicious snacks can be ordered too. Free Laptops with WiFi Internet access are at the disposal of our hotel guests.

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The coffee plantation began in 1997 by the first part that is closed to the exit of Lakhao Village.

Then, lands were cleared progressively to the place where is located the main chalet and beyond, on the roadside.

The Chalet was built progressively from 1999 on but everything stopped in 2002 due to the downturn of the company’s activities that decided to give then priority to roasting coffee and beginning a new business starting in Vientiane.

The whole property including the chalet was officially opened to the public on the 25th of July 2010 with full commercial operations as coffee shop, restaurant and lodge from the 21st October 2010 on.

The new Coffee and tea pavilion was inaugurated the 28th January 2011, permitting so to increase dramatically the clientele reception capacity.

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Located inside a valley basin of the Dong Hua Sao National Protected Area, the JungleHotel Paksong is actually a tiny village in the midst of dense forest and surrounded by sky-reaching cliffs with thundering waterfalls. It comprises six tree houses, a restaurant and some service facilities.

The tree houses are simply romantic and privacy is guaranteed! These single-room huts, wholly made of indigenous materials high in the crowns of the trees, will give you the feel of being transferred into another world, completely unified with nature. 

Some of the houses are up to more than 20 m above the ground. Beds, mosquito nets, everything is there for a smooth night. No air-con or fridge, however, but your own toilet! Get up with a hot early morning tea shaker (from a thermos) before you zip – the only way to get in or out - to the restaurant to enjoy a hot or cold shower and usher the dawning day with a hearty breakfast in the jungle.

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Tadlo Lodge is located in a spectacular area of natural beauty. Its in a prime location, spanning both sides of the Sexet River at Tad Lo village, with the Tad Hang waterfalls just below.

The dazzling natural beauty of the area provides the perfect ambiance for you to relax and take in the stunning scenery.

The area offers a wealth of activities for you to partake in and has a quality restaurant on site serving multinational cuisine.

Where possible, we give you the choice of restaurant-side or waterfall side accommodation to enable your stay to be perfect.

Not only can you immerse yourself in the natural beauty of the Sextet River area, but Tadlo Lodge is able to give you the opportunity to get closer to the native animals.

The lodge is home to 2 rescued elephants and an orphaned otter which made itself at home in the large reception area and has become best friends with the resident black Labrador.


Welcome to Champasak Province, the southern-most province of Laos, a place also known as the "Emerald Triangle" being the crossroad between Laos, Thailand and Cambodia, the newest travel destination in Indochina where it is still possible to see and feel the genuine lifestyle and natural beauty of this enigmatic Country.

Our vision is to provide our guests with a comfortable, intimate experience with exotic nature in a unique environment such as in the Beung Kiat Ngong Wetlands (part of RAMSAR Convention) of the Xe Pian NPA (Natural Protected Area) which is one of the most attractive of all of the NPAs scattered throughout the Laotian territory.
We endeavour to do this in a way that is environmentally and socially responsible.

Our ultimate goal is to meet the expectations of travellers looking for a different kind of tourism, by searching new feelings and reflections by experiencing unique and relaxing events like staring at a bright night stars parading in the tropical sky or just watching elephants and water buffalo grazing in slow motion while a far away flock of white birds plays in the distant blue skies of Laos.

The Kingfisher Ecolodge staff, wish you a pleasant trip and we hope to be welcoming you soon!

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Inthira Champasak Hotel is an exclusive, international standard property with stunning guest rooms and unique duplex suites all surrounded by a tranquil garden and warm, inviting atmosphere.

Located in the very centre of Champasak town, you can't miss this property at night with the stunning lighting and aroma of international cuisine at the open restaurant.

Inthira Champasak Hotel was originally built as a traditional Chinese shop house at the beginning of the last century.

Completely renovated to a modern hotel, whilst preserving the historiacal architecture, has resutled in a beautiful and unique property with quality guest rooms, an open terrace and balcony restaurant, all with stylish designs and decor.

Located on the peacefully quiet, main street in Champasak, this sleepy, rural town offers stunning views of the Mekong River and limestone karst formations amidst rice paddles and water buffalo iwth the famous UNESCO World Heritage Listed Wat Phou just down the road. Inthira Champasak Hotel is a quality and stunning place to stay whilst in the area.

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Located on Done Daeng Island, on the banks of the Mekong River in southern Laos, where exceptional natural beauty and unspoilt charm combine with areas of significant cultural interest, La Folie Lodge sits on a secluded beach facing the ruined Khmer temples of Wat Phou. In this idyllic spot, we provide a refined, welcoming atmosphere with international-class facilities.

La Folie lodge has been designed to offer you magnificent views of the Mekong every moment and from everywhere in the resort (rooms, restaurant, bar or swimming pool). The lodge is also surrounded by lush landscape and exotic gardens ideal for peace and relaxation.

Our 24 large, comfortable bedrooms, luxuriously decorated and exquisitely furnished with local materials, are housed in 12 bungalows set in a magnificently landscaped tropical garden. Each room has its own balcony with stunning views over the Mekong and the sacred hills of Wat Phou.

Daily vistas of superb sunsets and traditional scenes of fishermen in pirogues greet the eye.

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After more than 4,000 km of journey, the Majestic Mekong River has reached its widest point, suddenly after tropical rainy season its water declines and leaves behind myriad of greenish islands as the local called it "The 4,000 Islands", further downstream the "Mother of Rivers" fanning out into many streams and created a breathtaking view of tranquil and permanent islands with luxuriant vegetation.

Done Khone or Khone Island, is reputed for its coconut grove as the French explorer Francis Garnier called "The Fluvial Lao Tahiti". If you wandering around the peaceful village you will discover typical Budhist temples and the remnants left by the French expeditionary troops: Old Pier, a decayed railway bridge and some colonial villas.

Further downstream, a raging "Devil Corridor" Li Phi Waterfalls where you can enjoy swimming, sun baking on the white sand beach and spotting the rare Irrawaddy Dolphins.

Sala Done Khone, situates on the Mekong River and right in the heart of Ban Khone village where you ride a bicycle over the French Railway Bridge to Done Deth island is a short distance.

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From concept to implementation, our intentions remained firm: The River Resort would be integral to its natural environment. As a result, the native flora and fauna were preserved; all mature indigenous trees were protected, some more than 20 meters in height and more than 100 years old; and to this day they tower over our lush, tropical landscape, inhabited according to local tradition by protective spirits.

We invite our guests to stroll our 3 hectares (30,000 sq. meters) of private verdant Parkland, its pathways lined with bamboo, flowering trees and colorful plants; to gaze upon the lush flowers; and to marvel at the colorful butterflies and dragonflies as they drift and fly amongst our rice paddy and ponds.

We are an eco-friendly Resort and do our best not to damage the environment: we cultivate our rice paddy and vegetable gardens with organic matter from our compost pit; we recycle our non-organic refuse; we use solar-heated hot water in our kitchens; and many of our furnishings are fabricated from ecologically friendly natural bamboo.


The Vat Phou Mekong Cruise is a journey that starts and finishes in Pakse, with two separate itineraries.

Both cruise itineraries visit the majestic UNESCO World Heritage Vat Phou ruins at Champassak, the mysterious Oum Muong ruins at Huei Thamo, the 4,000 Islands with its winding waterways, and the Pha Pheng waterfall on the Laos - Cambodia border.

From 1 Oct 2013 to 30 Apr 2014 and 1-31 Oct 2014

Departures every Saturday, Tuesday and Thursday on a cruise down or cruise up

From 1 May 2014 to 30 Sep 2014

Departures every Saturday and Tuesday

No operation in June for maintenance